Thursday, February 28, 2013


British rock band Foals released the album Holy Fire this month. It features the track My Number, which has been given a mighty makeover by Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs...


Top tunes posted on the Elektrik Soul blog this month...


Previously posted February freebies include mixes, remixes and disco fixes as well as some new tunes...

Rhye - Open (posted here)
Lancelot - Higher Ground (posted here)
Little Boots - Motorway (posted here)
Digits - Love Is Only Affection (posted here)
Bondax - Gold (posted here)
The Crystal Ark - Rain (posted here)
Computer Magic - Another Science (posted here)
Selebrities - Everywhere (Fleetwood Mac cover) (posted here)
Rotkraft - To Love You (posted here)
Moon Boots - No One (posted here)
Larry Gus - Contours Sway (posted here)
James Welsh - The Way (posted here)
Toro y Moi - Rose Quartz (live version) (posted here)

One more... Follow You by Monitor 66 (download here)...


Classixx mix (posted here)
Cyril Hahn guest mix for Hunger TV (posted here)
Cyril Hahn guest mix for BBC Radio 1 (posted here)
Tensnake guest mix for BBC Radio 1 (posted here)
Audiojack mix for 2020 Vision (posted here)
Moonlight Matters mix (posted here)
The Magician's Magic Mix # 29 (posted here)
The Magician's Magic Mix # 30 (posted here)
Ryan Hemsworth guest mix for The FADER (posted here)
Rhye guest mix for The FADER (posted here)
Bag Raiders mix (posted here)
Bruno Romeu mix (posted here)
Local Zero twisted disco mix (posted here)
Flight Facilities musical journey from 1972 to 1982 (posted here)
Flight Facilities musical journey from 1982 to 1992 (posted here)
Lexx compilation of sixties and seventies sounds (posted here)

... and Elektrik Soul Miks (download here)...


Voxels remix of Chromatics (posted here)
RAC remix of The Killers (posted here)
Penguin Prison remix of Lana Del Rey (posted here)
Robotaki remix of Van She (posted here)
Perseus remix of Jessie Ware (posted here)
Moon Boots remix of Bondax (posted here)
Goldroom remix of Alpine (posted here)
Cyril Hahn remix of Destiny's Child (posted here)
Solomun remix of Jamie Woon (posted here)
Whomi remix of Ultraista (posted here)
Star Slinger remix of Bondax (posted here)
RAC remix of Escort (posted here)
Flight Facilities remix of Miike Snow (posted here)

One more... Spirit Catcher remix of Heatbreak by British band Age of Consent (download here)...


Rocco Raimundo rework of Lou Reed (posted here)
Flight Facilities rework of Paul Simon (posted here)
Psychemagic rework of Fleetwood Mac (posted here)
Tim Fuchs rework of David Bowie (posted here)
Pional rework of Beyonce (posted here)
Rotkraft rework of De La Soul (posted here)
Gazeebo rework of AC/DC (posted here)
Benny & Gain rework of Sade (posted here)
Pillowtalk rework of Bobby Hebb (posted here)
Lane 8 rework of Diana Ross (posted here)
The Reflex rework of Madonna (posted here)
Classixx rework of Madonna (posted here)

... and Leftside Wobble rework of the IKEA tune Playin' With My Friends (download here)...


Flight Facilities has reworked the Paul Simon classic You Can Call Me Al (download here) for the second installment of their mixes for triple j - a musical journey from 1982 – 1992 (download here).


Canadian producer and remixer Ryan Hemsworth has recorded a guest mix for The FADER (download here)...


The Microphones / Cornelius intro
Mr. carmack – Rogue
Ryan Hemsworth – Chippy Swing My Way
Più Più – The Melt Rap
Singing Statues – She’s In The House
Shlohmo – Out Of Hand
Spaceghost Purrp – Osiris Of The East
Nosaj Thing – Snap
Sibian & Faun – I Thought That I Was Over You (Now I Get The Glock)
Hot Sugar – and the walls came tumbling down (demo)
Cholombian & Morgan Hislop – Brittany Murphy
Broken Social Scene – Anthems For A Seventeen Year Old Girl (hemsworth edit from high school lol)
Lofty305 – bussin at em
Jojo – Leave
Boyz II Men – Can You Stand The Rain
RAJA – He Won’t Pay Me (ft. Vijay Iyer)
Sam Tiba – u lookin for a title and all u think about is that other person so u name it me & her
Bjork – Pagan Poetry
The Radio Dept – 1995
Tink – Bonnie
Evy Jane – Slowdive (demo)
malky – never enough kells (instrumental)
3 Of A Kind – Babycakes
Chrome Sparks – Luna Luxor
Sky Ferreira – Everything is Embarrassing
Depeche Mode – See You
Ryan Hemsworth – w/o u
Juj – Farmer’s Market
Ryan Hemsworth – (。◕‿◕。)
Rhye – Open (Ryan Hemsworth Remix)
Più Più – ll cool e

Wednesday, February 27, 2013


LA-based producer and DJ duo Oliver aka Vaughn Oliver (U-Tern) and Oliver Goldstein (Oligee) recently dropped the EP Mechanical via Fool's Gold. Favorite track is the slow stomper Night Is On My Mind...


Finnish producer Erkka makes music that sounds a bit French. Check out his latest track Excommunication...


Swiss-born, Canada-based beat crafter Cyril Hahn recently visited Oslo (posted here) as part of his debut tour. Check out his guest mix for Hunger TV in the player below (download here).

The mix includes some fave tracks and artists, such as the New Look tune Nap On The Bow (posted here), the Toro y Moi tune Say That (posted here), and the Cyril Hanh remix of Gabrielle Aplin's Please Don't Say You Love Me (posted here)...


Nosaj Thing - Aquarium
Lapalux - Guuurl
Sepalcure - See Me Feel Me
James Blake - I Mind
Aphx Twin - Xtal
Gabriele Aplin - Please Don't Say You Love Me (Cyril Hahn Remix)
New Look - Nap on the Bow
Gerry Read - Evidence
Toro y Moi - Say That
Daphni - Yes I Know
George Fitzgerald - Child
Anaxander - Antoinette
Faye - Water Against the Rocks (Hnny Remix)
Romare - The Blues
Sirmo - Make Your Body (Broke One Remix)
Miguel - Adorn (Groundislava & Benedek Cool Mix)


Whomi is "just a boy who really love producing music." He's made some cool remixes in the last few months. Here's his rework of Ultraista's Smalltalk (download here)...


Lance Gurisik, aka Lancelot of Sydney, Australia, released his debut EP last year. It features the top track We Can Dance remixed by Goldrooom. (Check out the Elektrik Soul 2012 top 100 tracks here).

Here's Lancelot's latest track Higher Ground (download here)...


French electro pop producer Vincent Pierre Claude Belorgey aka Kavinsky finally drops his debut album OutRun, out on Record Makers this week. It contains the 2010 single Nightcall. Included is also the latest single Protovision. You can listen to the album preview in the player below...


British producer duo Audiojack drops a mellow mix (download here) for 2020 Vision. Opening track is their own Tunnel Vision featuring Stee Downes on vocals. Featured is also the Audiojack dub version of Chris James' Song For Her (download here)...


Audiojack feat Stee Downes - Tunnel Vision
Krystian Shek - Destroy And Rebuild
Last Magpie - Hypno
Chris James - Song For Her (Audiojack’s Dub for Ra)
Kriece pres Shamatha - Eye Of The Beholder (Ulrich Schnauss Remix)
Depeche Mode - World In My Eyes
Panama - It's Not Over (Ejeca's Rave To The Grave Remix) [DOWNLOAD HERE]
Will Saul & Close - O S C A R [DOWNLOAD HERE]
Blacksmif - Hoop Dreams
Francis Inferno Orchestra - Astral Breeze
Ilya Malyuev - Wherever We Are
Bicep & Ejeca - You
Orbital - Kein Trink Wasser

Tuesday, February 26, 2013



Brazilian duo Digitaria, aka Daniela Caldellas and Daniel Albinati, drop their second EP for Hot Creations. The tune Shine blends dreamy electro pop with dance floor beats. NYC-based producer Morgan Geist aka Storm Queen delivers a nice remix. Also check out the B-side track Mystic Flow...


Mexican beat crafter Mateo Gonzalez Bufi recently remixed the track Sweetness Alive (posted here) by Goldroom. Here's a tune he made with Alec Sander aka La Royale, another resident of Mexico City...


Little Boots recently released the tune Superstitious Heart written and produced by Maya Jane Coles (posted here). Soon she will release her second album Nocturnes. Opening track is Motorway (download here)...


Madonna rework by The Reflex (download here)...

Madonna rework by Classixx (download here)...


San Fran producer Lane 8 aka Daniel Goldstein has churned out some good tracks lately. Most noteworthy is the tune Every Night (download here), which contains samples from the all time fave Reflections by Diana Ross & The Supremes...

Lane 8 has also reworked or used samples from Fleetwood Mac (download here), Stevie Wonder (download here), Gladys Knight (download here) and Isley Brothers (download here). His latest track The Voice (download here) combines house beats with Suzanne Vega's voice...


New mix from Moonlight Matters. It includes the Poolside rework of the Black Sabbath classic Planet Caravan (download here), remixes of Lana Del Rey, Two Door Cinema Club and Jessie Ware, the Chris Malinchak tune So Good To Me (download here)  and last year's future retro house anthem The Giver by Duke Dumont (posted here)...


Moonlight Matters - Memories of Blue
Black Sabbath - Planet Caravan (Poolside Rework)
Straws - Nobody Else
Lana Del Rey - Ride (Photek Remix)
Jessie Ware - Night Light (Joe Goddard Remix)
Moonlight Matters - The Rock
Duke Dumont - The Giver
Clancy - How to Hold on
Two Door Cinema Club - Sun (Robert Delong Remix)
Oliver - Night Is On My Mind
Arcadis - Angel
Chris Malinchak - So Good To Me
Falcon Lake - All I Want
Black Strobe - The Girl From The Bayou (Dub Mix)


Digits is a one man synth pop band based in Berlin, originally from Toronto, Canada. The debut album Death and Desire was released a year back (download here). Digits follows up with a five-track EP, named after the opening track Love Is Only Affection (download here).

Monday, February 25, 2013


French Express producer Perseus rose to stardom in 2011 with high quality reworks of Jeremy Glenn's New Life (download here) and Mark Ronson's Record Collection (posted here).

In 2012, he followed up with tunes of his own. First, the three-track Russian Girlfriends EP, which includes the tunes Cool Runnings and Running Back To You (download here). Then a two-track release featuring the tune Seychelles (download here). All slow stompers blending RnB vocal samples with tropikool beats.

Here's a more recent Perseus production: a rework of the Jessie Ware tune Night Light (download here)...



Bondax are two teenage producers living in Lancaster. Last fall they released the EP Baby I Got That (listen here). They follow up with Gold (download here)...

Check out the Moon Boots remix...

...and a reworked version by Star Slinger (download here)...


LA-based indie dance / nu disco duo Classixx recently released the single Holding On (posted here) from their forthcoming debut album. The tune is featured (acapella) in their latest mix (download here). Other tracks include the James Welsh tune The Way (download here) and the Toro y Moi single Rose Quartz (download live version here)...


01. Tangerine Dream - The Dream Is Always The Same
02. Unit Black Flight - Night Raiders
03. Tropics - Give It Up
04. Groundislava - Weekend In The Tropics
05. Human League - Human (Instrumental)
06. ?
07. James Welsh - The Way
08. Toro y Moi - Rose Quartz
09. Falty DL - Straight & Arrow
10. Classixx - Holding On (Acapella)/ Aphex Twin - Xtal
11. Madonna - Live To Tell (At Close Range Instrumental)
12. Tiger & Woods - Pitch
13. Mano Le Tough - Take It Back
14. Moony Me - Konfused
15. Akufen - Skidoos
16. The Presets - It's Cool
17. Classixx - Borderline
18. Jacques Renault - Back To You (Paradis Remix)
19. Nicolette Larson - Lotta Love
20. Tangerine Dream - Love On A Real Train


The title track from Van She's 2012 album Idea Of Happiness (posted here) gets the Robotaki remix treatment (download here)...


Little Boots has teamed up with house producer Maya Jane Coles for the track Superstitious Heart, out on 2020 Vision...

Sunday, February 24, 2013


Next Year is the opening track and the third single from Two Door Cinema Club's 2012 album Beacon. The tune has been reworked by RAC...


Lexx, aka Alex Storrer of Zürich, Switzerland, recently remixed the Woolfy vs. Projections tune Set Me Loose (posted here). He has also compiled a five volume set of soothing sixties and seventies sounds, many of which have influenced his own music. Here's the third compilation called Home Again  (download here). Opening track comes from the long lost Electric Band album (1967) by The Glass Family...


01. The Glass Family – Sometimes I Wander
02. Overland Stage – Cherokee (Short Edit)
03. Batteaux – High Tide
04. Willie Wright – Nantuket Island
05. John Lennon – Forgive Me (My Little Flower Princess)
06. Harris Chalkitis – Time Is Over
07. Tangerine - Unexpected Visitor
08. Ragnorök – Fabriksfunky
09. John B Sebastian – Magical Connection
10. Band X – Home
11. Steve Miller Band – Baby’s Calling Me Home
12. Donnie & Joe Emerson – Baby
13. The Glass Family – Do You Remember
14. Country Comfort – To Be Lonely
15. Ted Lucas – Plain & Sane & Simple Melody
16. Time Wasters – Seventh Wave
17. Michael Deacon - Quiet Lady
18. C, S & N – Taken At All


LA-based electronic producer Jason Chung aka Nosaj Thing recently released his third album Home via Innovative Leisure. Here's the track Eclipse/Blue featuring Kazu Makino...

...and here's Try featuring Toro y Moi...


London-based folktronica producer and singer James Yuill recorded the album Turning Down Water For Air a few years back. It contains the track This Sweet Love. Check out the Prins Thomas edit in the player below. Also look out for Yuill's third album These Spirits scheduled for release on March 25. You can listen to the single Turn Yourself Around from the forthcoming album here.


West coast space rockers Woolfy vs. Projections, also described as the Hall and Oates of the dance world by XLR8R, released the album The Return Of Love last year via Permanent Vacation. First single from the album is Set Me Loose, out last month. The release includes a mellow and dubby remix by Swiss producer Lexx...


Australian beat crafter Harley Streten aka Flume  released his self-titled debut album via Aussie imprint Future Classic last year. One fave track from the album is Left Alone...

Check out the Bobby Tank remix...

...and the Chrome Sparks remix...

Friday, February 22, 2013



Cyril Hahn will perform @ Blå tonite. Don't miss out! Here's a guest mix he did for BBC Radio 1 (download here) featuring two of his own remixes (posted here). Other tracks include tropikool beats by Tours (download here) and Le Youth (download here) as well as the Octo Octa remix of Groundislava (download here)...


Gabrielle Aplin - Please Don't Say You Love Me (Cyril Hahn Remix)
Tours - I Need U
Le Youth - Cool
Groundislava - Suidice Mission ft. Baths (Octo Octa Remix)
BRONX - Burnin' Up
Jessie Ware - Sweet Talk (Cyril Hahn Remix)
Bicep - Keep Keep
Urulu - In My Life (Broke One Remix)


Pional has churned out several cool edits during the last couple of years. Faves include his rework of The Rapture's In The Grace Of Your Love (posted here) and the How To Dress Well tune & It Was You (posted here).  Check out his rework of Beyonce's Crazy In Love (download here)...


Parisian alt rock outfit Phoenix, aka Christian Mazzalai, Deck d'Arcy, Laurent Brancowitz and Thomas Mars, returns with the single Entertainment from their forthcoming album Bankrupt, to be released in April...


The Chromatics covered Neil Young's Hey Hey, My My (Into The Black) for the opening track of their 2012 album Kill For Love. Check out the Voxels remix (download here)...


Thursday, February 21, 2013


Belgian electronic duo Villa has churned out a series of remixes, including last year's remake of the Blende tune Fake Love (listen here). Now they return with a composition of their own, the track Mint, released via Aussie imprint Club Mod, a sub label of Modular Recordings.

The track comes in several flavors, including reworked versions by Punks Jump Up (listen here), No Regular Play and Softwar...


Disco downloads for your pleasure... First out, Rotkraft rework of the De La Soul/Chaka Khan tune All Good (download here)...

Next up, Gazeebo rework of AC/DC's Squealer (download here)...

...and finally, Benny & Gain rework of Sade's Nothing Can Come Between Us (download here)...


Aussie indie rock band The Griswolds recorded their debut EP last year (purchase here). See the video for the opening track Heart of a Lion (posted here). Listen to the full EP in the player below...



The Magician presents mix # 30 in his Magic Tape series (download here) featuring new tracks by Goldroom and Claptone as well as a Moon Boots remix of Bondax and a Punks Jump Up remix of Villa...



UK disco duo Psychemagik delivers a re-brushed version of of Fleetwood Mac's Dreams (download here)...


New York-based electronic duo The Crystal Ark aka Gavin R. Russom and Viva Ruiz  released their self-titled debut album last year via DFA Records. It contains the track Rain (download here)...


Leftside Wobble reworks the soundtrack to the IKEA commercial Playin With My Friends (download here)...

Here's the original by Masters In France...

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Brooklyn-based electronic producer and singer Danz aka Computer Magic has churned out two new tracks for digital release: A Million Years (listen here) and Another Science (download here)...


Norwegian electronic pop duo Lamaitre was formed in 2010 and has created quite a stirring since then. Check out their latest track Continuum...


German nu disco and house producer Marco Niemerski aka Tensnake did a live mix for BBC Radio 1 a few days back (download here)...


01. Alice Coltrane – Krishna
02. Move D – Untitled B2
03. Kruse & Nuernberg & Polargeist – Temperature Rise
04. Trujillo – Acapulco Gold (Ron Basejam Remix)
05. Bang Goes – I Can’t Hold It
06. Du Tonc – Darkness
07. Nickodemus – Los Tarantos
08. Galarude – Cero (DJ Harvey Remix)
09. EJECA – Dazed
10. Jan Jelinek – Tendency (Tensnake Edit)
11. Martin Patio – Your Lips
12. Anthony Middleton – Till The End Of Time
13. James Welsh – The Way (Tom Demac Remix)
14. Monika Kruse feat. Robert Owens – One Love (Rampa Remix)
15. Terranova – I Want To Go Out (David Mayer Remix) [DOWNLOAD HERE]
16. FCL – It’s You (San Soda Panorama Bar Acca Version)
17. Gerd – Palm Leaves (Deetron Remix) [DOWNLOAD HERE]
18. Medlar – Knockard Pearl (Detroit Swindle Remix)
19. Leslie Clio – Couldn’t Care Less (Iron Curtis Remix)
20. Hot Chip – How Do You Do (Todd Terje Remix)
21. Boe & Zak – Kiss My Cologne
22. Vicky Devine – The Beat Is Mine (Soul Clap Remix)
23. T-Coy – Carino
24. Tensnake – ID
25. Felix Da Housecat – What Does It Feel Like (Royksopp Return To The Sun Remix)


Aussie indie outfit Alpine released the track Hands in the fall of 2012. Here's the Goldroom remix giving the tune a tropikool touch (download here)...


Manchester-based quartet Egyptian Hip Hop will perform in Oslo @ Parkteatret tonite.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


The Brooklyn-based disco orchestra Escort released their self-titled debut album in 2011 containing the song Starlight. Check out the RAC mix (download here)...


Swiss-born, Canadian-based producer Cyril Hahn will perform @ Blå on Friday. Hahn rose to stardom last year with his unabashed remix of Destiny's Child (download here)...

Not shying away from R&B and pop tunes, he also re-touched Mariah Carey (download here)...

Hahn has continued to churn out high quality remixes. One fave is his rework of Jessie Ware's Sweet Talk...

...another is his take on Gabrielle Aplin's Please Don't Say You Love Me...