Friday, February 25, 2011


Besides being the lovable movie character portrayed by Ed Murphy in the 80s crime film series Beverly Hills Cop, Axel F is a monthly DC club event at LIV on U Street and 11th.

Axel F was started by DJ Jahsonic to highlight the best in Jheri Curl Funk, Champagne Soul and New Wave from the 1980s (and late 70s). In other words, some of the best dance music in the post-disco era.

Be sure not to miss out as Jahsonic and his crew of devoted 80s music lovers team up tomorrow nite (Saturday, Feb 26) for the second installment of Axel F - the club experience.

Here's a little taste - the Axel F mix by DJ Jahsonic.

DJ Jahsonic - Axel F mix