Thursday, February 10, 2011


Brazilian producer duo The Twelves playing live at U Street Music Hall tonite. The Twelves have delivered a series of impressing remixes over the last couple of years. Check out a few...

Metric - Help I'm Alive (Twelves Remix)

Metric is a Canadian indie rock band with a cool looking and great sounding lead singer called Emily Haines. I liked the original of this song, but the remix is even better.

Across the Atlantic, Northern Irish indie popsters Two Door Cinema Club released their Something Good Can Work back in 2009. It sort of became a spring anthem for me in 2010 as I moved to DC. The Twelves stay true to the original feel of the song in this reworked version.

Two Door Cinema Club - Something Good Can Work (Twelves Remix)

Fever Ray a.k.a. one-woman band Karin Dreijer Anderson released one of the most amazing albums of 2009. She is also one half of the Swedish electronic duo The Knife.  Karin's album "Fever Ray" has that mysterious feel to it. The combination of her unique and sometimes disturbing voice and the electronic sounds that accompany it transcends time and place. It is the work of a true musical genius.

One of my favorite tunes from the album is Seven. The Twelves do a good job in taking the hypnotizing, low key original, making it a more upbeat tune.

Fever Ray - Seven (Twelves Remix)

This next remix came as a bit of a surprise. The Twelves takes the 80s electro-tinged teen pop anthem by my Norwegian compatriots A-ha and turns it into something else - indeed a quite enjoyable tune. The lead singer of A-ha is still as bad taste today as when he was a teen idol back in the 80s. The other two band members have fortunately moved on - one becoming a decent rock artist and the other a pretty good painter, though A-ha have reunited numerous times over the years.

A-ha - Take On Me (Twelves Remix)

I really don't know much about these next guys - Undershower - but the Twelves rework of Killer Sexy Guy is ... well ... killer sexy.

Undershower - Killer Sexy Guy (Twelves Remix)

This last remix is really cool. New Young Pony Club is a five-piece rock band from England. The Twelves take a decent post-punk song and turn it into an electro rock bomb.

New Young Pony Club - Get Lucky (Twelves Remix)