Friday, April 29, 2011



Carmen - Time To Move is an electro-tinged boogie bomb from 1984 which is still given steady rotation by DJs with a feel for the funky side of electronic music. The song is an all female funk collaboration produced by the rather obscure Daisy Earnest.

Every time I hear this groove, it makes me want to move.
Must be the feeling it brings to you that makes you feel what to do.
I know I can't keep still for I don't mind to hold you within.
When it comes, I start to yell, the next down on the floor.
Green lights start to flash, telling me it's time to go.
Sirens start to sound, that means for me to get on down.
It's time to move, time to get loose, anywhere you are.
It's time to groove, me and you out there on the floor.
Here's a reworked version by Rayko, slowing down the Carmen tune a bit...

Carmen - Time to Move (Rayko edit)

...and here's a more up tempo edit.

Carmen - Time to Move (Boogie Down edit)

The tune Sometimes by Danish producer Vindahl sounds like a remake of the Carmen tune.