Thursday, June 30, 2011


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Track List

Do It Again (Holy Ghost)
Broadway (Rayko)
Gin Nation (Tiger & Woods)
New Life (Jeremy Glenn)
La Fiorentina (Peter & The Magician)
Dirty People Shout (Gazeebo)
Body Rock (Hotbox)
Heartbeat (Coco Vegas)
Without You (Eva Gina)
You & I (Deadly Sins)
S&M (Rayko)
Lonely Days (Drop Out Orchestra Dub)
All I Heard (Bonar Bradberry Remix)
Tuesday (Lovebirds)
Superhigh (Ilya Santana Mix)
Rock the Joint (Reverso 68 Mix)
Sex Beat (Mustang Instrumental)
Breaking Bad (JKriv & Lou Teti Remix)
The Underground (Drop Out City Rockers)
Fast & Loose (Cosmic Boogie)
Night Vision (Native Underground)
Disco Biscuit (Cosmonauts Italian Version)
White Horse (Jessica 6)
Ragysh (Todd Terje)
Night Sky (Miroir)
Handsome Man (Sparkle)
La Voix (Isolators Instrumental)
Turn On (Humerous Norwegian Disco)

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