Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Elektrik Soul Relaks miks from a year back (download here)...

Track List

Relaks (Elektrik Soul Fiks)
All My Self (Osvaldo Wilson Fiks)
Can't Stop (Deadly Sins Fiks)
Funky Heroes (Mustache Machine Remiks)
La Fiorentina (Peter & The Magician)
Morning Light (Revenge Remiks)
Night Vision (Native Underground)
Sex Beat (Mustang Remiks)
Riders on the Storm (La Royale)
Record Collection (Perseus Remiks)
Curious (Chemistry)
Triangle Walks (Rex the Dog Remiks)
My Rhythm (Fred Ventura)
Rock the Joint (Reverso 68 Remiks)
Sky (Plastic Plates Remiks)
Violent Love (The Twelves Remiks)
How Do You Feel (Max Essa feat. DC Mathias)