Tuesday, December 25, 2012


More xmas freebies... be sure to check out yesterday's batch of free tracks as well... First out is The xx covering Wham's holiday heartbreak anthem Last Christmas... download here

The Chromatics cover of Neil Young's Hey Hey, My My (Into the Black) can be download here.

The cover song is lifted off the Chromatics' 2012 album Kill For Love. A drumless version of the title track Kill For Love can be downloaded here. A Chromatics cover of New Order's Ceremony can be downloaded here. And the track Cherry can be downloaded here.

Poindexter remix of Ssion's My Love Grows In The Dark... download here

From Norway... Munn til Munn Metoden's The Youth of Right Reasons can be downloaded here... and the Pelifics remix can be downloaded here.

... and finally, two tracks from Finland by projects involving Jori Hulkkonen... The Sin Cos Tan track Trust can be downloaded here and the Processory track Tricle Down can be downloaded here