Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Cool diskomiks from Bjørn Torske. (For more Torske sounds, click here.)

Torskes discomiks


Area Code 615 - Devil Weed And Me
Electric Bird - Stoned Out
Pat Metheny & Steve Reich - Electric Counterpount
Herb Alpert - Rotation
S-Express - Funky Killer
Tshala Muana - Tsibolia Mulumba
Demis Roussos - Let it Happen
JJ Cale - Let Me Do It To You
Elph - Static Electrician
Durutti Column - Sketch For Summer
Arthur Blakey & The Jazz Messengers - Oscalypso
Santana - Samba De Sausalito
Anarchic System - Generation
Ellen McIllwaine - Jimmy Jean
Chicago Transit Authority - I'm A Man (Break)
Peek - Rhumba My Sensations (Break)
Rinder & Lewis - Anger
African Head Charge - Pacesetter
Simple Minds - Theme For Great Cities
Andrea True Connection - Call Me