Monday, March 25, 2013


Elektrik Soul Tropikool Miks (download here) featuring early evening stompers from U-Tern, Goldroom, Perseus, Fusty Delights, Only Children, Glenn Dale, Bondax, Rotkraft and Inigo...

01. You Don't Know Me (U-Tern) / Straight To The Moon (Tanner Ross)
02. Baby I Got That (Bondax) / Got Somebody (Moon Boots)
03. UNI (Glenn Dale)
04. Keep Me In My Place (Max Pask remiks)
05. Critical Captions (Only Children remiks)
06. Hands (Goldroom remiks)
07. At Home (Fusty Delights remiks)
08. To Love You (Rotkraft)
09. New Life (Perseus remiks)
10. Midnight City (M83) / Love You Beats (Rotkraft)
11. Normal Day In 1983 (Dionigi)
12. Vossakorv (Inigo remiks)