Saturday, March 5, 2011


AMC is airing the 80s classic gangster movie Scarface tonite. It features Al Pacino and Michelle Pfeiffer in some of their best roles. The TV chanel lists ten reasons why we can't get enough Scarface:

1. Al Pacino (as a raging Tony Montana)
2. "Say Hello to My L'il Fren!" (Tony's showdown equipped with an M16 with a grenade launcher)

3. The chain-saw scene (where Tony goes totally crazy)
4. Hip-Hop style 101 (gold, champagne, expensive watches - bling-bling)
5. Michelle Pfeiffer (as the sexy Elvira)
6. Screenwriter Oliver Stone (before he turned into a human conspiracy theory)
7. Tony's mound of cocaine (best cocaine scene ever)
8. F-word overload (word count appx. 200, almost once per minute)
9. Eighties Miami (the neon pastels, white sands and palm trees of Miami Vice before the TV show was created)
10. Tony's accent (it's not Cuban, it's not Italian - what is it?)

I would add reason number eleven - a great soundtrack produced by Gorgio Moroder featuring several cool 80s dance tunes with vocals by Debbie Harry, Amy Holland and Elizabeth Daily.

She's On Fire

Rush Rush and Shake It Up with still pictures from the movie

Scarface soundtrack
1. Scarface (Push It To The Limit) - Paul Engemann
2. Rush Rush - Deborah Harry
3. Turn Out The Light - Amy Holland
4. Vamos A Bailar - Maria Conchita
5. Tonys Theme - Giorgio Moroder
6. Shes On Fire - Amy Holland
7. Shake It Up - Elizabeth Daily
8. Dance Dance Dance - Beth Andersen
9. Im Hot Tonight - Elizabeth Daily
10. Ginas And Elviras Theme - Giorgio Moroder