Saturday, May 7, 2011


Brooklyn based Escort is inspired by old and nu disco as well as a range of 80s artists. In addition to having released a series of nice 12" singles, they're known for their live performances. The full orchestra consists of a 17-piece line up, including French singer Adeline Michele on lead vocals, three backing vocals, three violinists, three brass players, two guitar players, two percussionists, one bass player, one keyboard player and one drummer.

The brains behind the band are producers Dan Balis (guitar) and Eugene Cho (keys). They originally started out as house DJs, sampling disco sounds for the dance floor. However, they soon found out that they would rather make their own music than sample old disco records. So they put together a few tunes and invited some friends to come by the studio and play their instruments. Eventually, the project turned into a jamboree of live musicians and electronic beats.

Their latest jam is a nu disco cover of Cocaine Blues. One for the dance floor, early night.

The tune can be downloaded from RCRDLBL. In a Riff City interview, Balis and Cho talk about the creative process that went into Cocaine Blues and other Escort tunes.

Their best song to date is Bright New Life, which has that magic combination of nu disco beats and 80s electronic sounds.