Friday, May 6, 2011


Evelyn Champagne King made her debut with the soulful dance floor classic Shame in 1978. It made it to number nine in the U.S. charts (Billboard Top 100). More dance floor stompers followed in the 80s, of which I'm In Love and Love Come Down are undoubtedly her best jams.

My personal favorite is I'm in Love. The video is kind of cool as well - that whole 80s electric funk feel with the kind of graphics that were available to video producers at the time.

Here's a recent edit of I'm In Love by Rayko.

Another favorite tune is Love Come Down. The boogie bass line is soo nice. And Evelyn's soothing soulful voice make this a sure-shot hit.

Evelyn Champagne King - Love Come Down

Love come down (Rayko Edit)

Your Personal Touch was one of her later songs - released in 1985.

Your Personal Touch - Evelyn Champagne King