Friday, May 27, 2011


What a great week for music lovers. It started off with legendary new wavers The Cars live at the 9:30 Club on Monday. Next up, a soulful session with Raphael Saadiq on Wednesday (check out this review by Rhome Anderson) - also at the 9:30 - followed by a brilliant club session with Belgian beat crafter Aeroplane later the same night at U Street Music Hall.

Tonight British indie band Friendly Fires are appearing at the 9:30 to present songs from their new album Pala. Tomorrow night, the 9:30 serves up a live performance by legendary Paul Simon. And Saturday sees the return of Axel F at LIV for an all-nighter of jheri curl funk and champagne soul delivered by DCs own vibe conductor Rhome Anderson aka DJ Stylus.

My favorite Friendly Fires tune is the Aeroplane remix of Paris (featuring the lovely vocals of Au Revoir Simone), posted yesterday.

Check out the Friendly Fires in a Depeche Mode...

Their new album Pala was released on May 16. First single out is Live Those Days Tonight.